LessonHow to gain influence

In the last lesson we talked about taking initiative.

But what happens when you have a great idea, and no one seems to want to hear it?

You need to develop influence.


We take everything you’ve learned so far, and tie it all together into one process.

To plan your influence process, use our useful Influence Planning Sheet, by clicking the download button

Here are the steps to developing influence

1 . Choose someone who have a rapport with, or at least some relationship with. If you don’t have this, go back to this point and start working on it.

2. Start from the viewpoint that the person will want to her your idea, and your solution.

3. Think about what is important to them (what’s in it for them) – why do they need this idea? How will it help them directly?

4. Work out what you are prepared to do or lose to get this (it might be losing free time, or flexibility, or something more complex). What is your bottom line?

5. Make it an exchange – if you do this, they will get this,

6. Make it win win. If everyone benefits in some way, it’s a no brainer.